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 Students Governance

The student organization SOTTTI is an office held by elected student to represent other students in the institute. It comprises of 15 members: 6 ministers, 6 assistant ministers, 1 president, the vice president and the secretary general.

Mr. John Kamau           Mr. Robert Mwangi 
2016-2017                     2017-2018
The officials are elected annually by the student s and the electoral commission comprises of the class representatives in coordination with the office of the dean of students. They include:
  • The president
  • Vice president
  • Secretary genera, as the executives.
  1. Min of finance and interior affairs
  2. Min of boarding and health
  3. Min of entertainment
  4. Min of games and sports
  5. Min of education
  6. Min of clubs and societies, they also have their respective assistants in each ministry.

The office of the student council represents the students’ views and concerns to the administration. The office lobbies for consideration of the student’s plight in matters like school fees, accommodation, catering and other facilities. The office also through the office of the dean of students coordinate student based events in the institute. Such events include talent shows and culture weekends.

The organization also ensures clubs are kept vibrant by ensuring they lobby for their funding from the administration. It is also the mandate of the student body to ensure that the entertainment in the institute is modern and functional.

In the past the student council has successfully lobbied successfully against increment of school fees among other vital issues that directly or indirectly affect the students. The organization is in the process of lobbying for the modernization of the dining hall, furniture in the lecture halls, dining halls and the other areas as well as increasing the Wi-Fi zones in the institute.

As an office, we would like to welcome anyone who wish to study at Thika TTI. We ensure that your studying and stay here is as comfortable as possible.


Tel: 067-21931






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