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  • Our students are highly marketable. Organizations are privileged to have our students as employees
  • Our library, labs and workshops are modern and fully furnished
  • Our labs and equipment are modern and of a class. Students are always motivated in theory and in practical

Welcome to our Library


As one of the core resources to students and lecturers as well, we have a well-stocked library that plays a major role in ensuring that our students get resources required to attain their goals. Our library is stocked with many and up to date books that any lecturer and student finds very helpful we have enough books for all courses to ensure uniformity in developing our students.

We also have small libraries in various departments where the books in this department belongs to the individual department. These departmental libraries assist the students in ensuring that they get the books they are looking for.

 Other than the books, our library is very rich with contents from other sources. These includes journals, publications, thesis, and newspapers among other materials for learning. The issuing and returning of borrowed books has been simplified by having library management system for issuing, cataloging, circulation, reminders and OPAC search. We would like to welcome you to come and enjoy as you gain knowledge.

The library has a sitting capacity of about 100 students with a collection of more than 7000 copies of materials. It is also Wi-Fi enabled so that students can access the


internet any time. We have 6 skilled personnel who ensure that the library is open from 0800hrs to 2200hrs on Mondays to Fridays and 0800hrs to 1300hrs on Saturdays.

We have plans to expand the current seating capacity to 800, subscription to e-resources, library security system, smart card scanners and system backup. This has been applauded by the library  staffs , lecturers    and the students whose reading culture is of essence not only to the Thika community but, Kenyan region.                                                                                                                 

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