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Craft certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

 Science and Technology Laboratory offers expertise in catalysis, polymer science, small-molecule synthesis, fuel science, energy production and storage, micro-fluidics, micro-fabrication, mass spectrometry, microengineering, statistical analysis, and chemical engineering.

Government and commercial clients turn to the Science laboratory technology to capture opportunities in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Alternative, clean, renewable, and bio-sourced fuels and chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly scale-up and fuel processing
  • Separation and purification of gases and fluids
  • Catalysis and synthesis
  • Organic, inorganic, and preceramic polymers
  • Ceramic and hybrid materials
  • Robust, high-performance coatings and structural composites
  • Energetic compounds and materials
  • Organometallic, metal hydride, and complex compounds
  • Biomedical and therapeutic compound synthesis
  • Robust and high-performance coatings and structural composites
  • Organic electronic compounds and devices
  • Flexible electronic and optoelectronic concepts


Minimum Requirement Other Requirement  Intake  Duration  Examining body
D (Plain)

Math D+

Biology D+

Chem/Phy D+



2 Years KNEC

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