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  • Our students are highly marketable. Organizations are privileged to have our students as employees
  • Our library, labs and workshops are modern and fully furnished
  • Our labs and equipment are modern and of a class. Students are always motivated in theory and in practical

Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronics (Telecommunications option)

The Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronic  is one of the most established certificate course with a history of more than 50 years. Today, many students certified in the course, which has been recognized by both local and foreign universities and industries.

With Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronic, you will gain engineering knowledge and skills related to a wide range of industries from aerospace, bio-medical, robotics and even transportation, providing you with endless possibilities for your career.

Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronic (Telecommunications option), gives you required skills and know how when dealing with telecommunications gadgets and machinery as well as telecommunications installations. you can apply for any post in telecommunications electrical option since the course equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills.  This gives you an edge in the job market.

  Minimum Requirement Other Requirement  Intake  Duration  Examining body
Module I D (Plain)

Math D

Phy./Chem. D



Module II Pass in Module I

Math D

Phy./Chem. D




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