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Certificate in Agri-business Development

The first phase is conducted in the institute, and is intended to develop the students’ manipulative skills in various farm jobs such as land preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, and post-harvest processing.

___On-the-job training is designed to afford the students a chance to observe close hand entrepreneurs at work and how the business is run. They will be assigned to work in actual farms with whom the school will have made the necessary arrangements.

___In the cooperative business enterprise phase, the students will be grouped as "business venture teams" to go into specific farm enterprises that they will put up and manage on their own.

___Incubator farm business venture is the real thing. For one whole year, the student will take charge of a family farm, or some other person’s farm and takes full control of the project. The whole idea is to "wean" the student to be able to get started on some agricultural venture before finishing the course.

___To ensure student concentration on the program, the students will be housed inside the school. A daily schedule for the students will be strictly enforced. 


  Minimum Requirement Other Requirement  Intake  Duration  Examining body
  D (Plain)


Jan/ Sept 

2 Years KNEC

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