Accommodation and Housing

Thika TTI offers high end accommodation facilities to the students, there are hostels for both male and female. The institute ensures that the hygiene and cleanliness levels in these hostels are of high standards and beyond any reproach. The institute also has ensured that the accommodation fee is cheapest in the market to ensure that the students get the service for the as little as possible.

The accommodation capacity for men hostels is 350 and 300 for ladies hostels. Since this is by no means sufficient, the allocation to these hostels are on first come first served basis. However, there are adequate private hostels very close to the institute whose condition and costs are very affordable. Their proximity to the institute makes it easy for the students to commute without having to pay for transport.

The whole area both in and outside the institute is well lit and students have no trouble in walking at night. The security of the hostels both in and outside the institute is high.


Tel: 067-21931