• Our students are highly marketable. Organizations are privileged to have our students as employees
  • Our library, labs and workshops are modern and fully furnished
  • Our labs and equipment are modern and of a class. Students are always motivated in theory and in practical

Virtual and Extention  Learning Department :  This has two sections  Open ,distance and flexible learning  (ODFL);   Skills  development  and Skills cascading



 Skills  development  and Skills cascading - FELISTER MUNYI 

Thika Technical Training Institute Open, Distance and Flexible learning(ODFL)  Department is affiliated to the International bodies of learning common wealth of learning (COL). This is a one stop shop for


Distance learners who are able to access educational resources and materials from various sites which offer them for free. The mandate of ODFL is to develop, co-ordinate, promote and manage all open and distance learning programmes of Thika TTI.

Open Educational Resources (OER), Commonwealth of Learners (COL) and invest Africa are among those educational bodies which Thika Technical Training Institute (ODFL) department is an affiliate and have partnered with in training of Open distance programs

We aspire to provide equal educational opportunities for higher education through distance mode for a large segment of the population, including those in employment women and adults who wish to upgrade their education or acquire knowledge in various fields.

In an effort to expand access to Technical Education, Thika TTI is gradually adopting a dual mode in teaching/learning. This is largely in response to the growing number of Kenyans seeking access to technical education, but who may not afford face-to-face instruction. The most active programme so far is in business,

human resource , communiity development,information studies and short course training in various skills. Plans are underway to extend the programme and move to pure Distance Learning programmes. 

In an attempt to achieve the foregoing objective, ODFL has been mandated through strategic to promote and facilitate the expansion of open and distance education with an aim of increasing access , relevancy, efficienc,, quality, equity and promote/ strengthen sustainable livelihoods 

This will be realized through the following strategies:

  • Capacity building and enhancement on material development, student services, and Open and Distance Learning research.
  • Support of the infrastructure development at our ODFL centre.

Further, See also have the mandate to increase access to higher education by implementing the following strategies:

  • Development of new demand-driven Self-sponsored programmes.
  • Increase of the intake of students in non-residential basis.


Besides increasing access, quality and relevance of higher education in Kenya the foregoing strategic objectives will go a long way to expanding the student numbers and in turn improve the financial base of Thika Technical and Training Institute 

We offer diploma courses, certificates and short course programs for the benefit of the working population in various fields and for the benefit of those who wish to enrich their lives by studying subjects of cultural and aesthetic values.






1. We can now learn online at your comfort  through our Thika TTI learning Moodle

     platform. soma.thikatechnical.ac.ke

Courses; Higher Diploma, Diploma, certificates and short courses

3. KNEC JULY, 2019 registration is ongoing and closing soon.

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We have rolled  over 3500 learners in various areas of specialization.  Be among the number



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