Guidance, Counselling and Mentorship Department

We want to work with you to make a holistic individual. As a department, we deal with helping people solve their problem, motivate our students and other individuals, offer referral cases for special cases and also group counselling for different groups in the institute.

 Guidance Coordinator

We want to be a leading provider of professional skills to help the community. As a department we organize termly programs for different groups where we invite different guests to tackle specific issues that affects students. The main issues being HIV/AIDs, Drug Abuse and relationships. We also provide contacts for qualified counsellors for people who, may require their services.

In performance contracting, the department is tagged with the responsibility of creating HIV/AIDs awareness and guidance against drug and substance abuse. In the department we also have peer educators who works hand in hand with the counseling department.

The department has a mission to explore, work and learn together to make a difference. The department therefore tries to keep the students stress free and motivated as much as possible. We invite motivational speakers regularly.


Tel: 067-21931