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Open,  Distance and Flexible Learning (ODFL)  SECTION  leading in training  short Courses

Below are the short courses offered in this department.  The training offered is competence based  (CBT). The short courses are market driven by the demand/needs in the community. The skills empowers learners  economically leading to improved standard of living and  sustainable development 

 To get more information contact through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 

Cell Phone 0722 911 443 / 0763 904 856




Bio Gas Production

1 Month

Open Entry


1 Month

Open Entry


1 Month

Open Entry

Poultry farming 1 Month Open Entry


1 Month

Open Entry

Electrical Wireman 1 Month Open Entry
Engine Overhaul 1 Month Open Entry
Machinist Tuner (Lathe Operator ) 1 Month Open Entry
Welding and fabrication 1 Month Open Entry
Public relations and customer care 1 Month Open Entry 
 Painting  1 Month   Open Entry 
Pastry and bakery  I Month   Open Entry
Catering  1 Month  Open Entry
Sewing  1 Month Oepn Entry
Office manangement  I month Open Entry 
Basic hospitality skills 3 months  Open Entry 
Entreprenuership  3 Months  Open Entry
Baisc Financial Skills I months Open Entry 
Customer relations and sales 3 months  Open Entry 

Our Contacts

Tel: 067-21931






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