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  • We are committed to providing an innovative curriculum that facilitates experiential learning opportunities and collaborative career advancement
  • At Thika Technical Training Institute we value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the best possible technical training in all the courses
  • With a well equipped lab and with modern equipment s we are able to equip our students.
  • We develop students in 360 degrees to make sure that we provide the best in the industry


 Current Students
The institute has a good number of enrolled students. We have 1856 male students and 844 female students


 Number of courses

We offer both certificate and diploma courses. We have a total of 13 certificate course and 17 diploma courses


 Number of Lecturers

The number of male lecturers are 96 and their female counterparts are 72 in number


Study @ Thika TTI

We are a an institute committed to excellence in teaching, research, creativity, and innovations in Technical Training. Our graduates meet not only the academic demands of the working world, but are of high moral integrity Read more...

Life @ Thika TTI

Thika TTI provides the best facilities for advancing academic and social life. The institute offer accommodation and catering to students, games, sports activities, leadership training and entertainment among other facilities Read more...

About Thika TTI

Thika TTI is the place for you. Our goal is to ensure your development is complete and we are committed to make you have a cutting edge in the job market. Life in Thika TTI is easy and affordable, we are strategically located in close proximity to Thika town. Read more....

Academic Resources

Thorough academic rigour combined with words of wisdom from industry experts, industrial internships, exposure to ones environment in community engagement ; all these serve to enrich students’ experiences while at Thika TTI. Read more....

Twitter Feed

Thika_TTI Announcing May 2016 intake. Apply now ->
Thika_TTI Information and Communication Technology at TTTI Department #ICTThikaTTI
Thika_TTI Health and Applied Sciences at TTTI Department #HASThikaTTI
Thika_TTI Mechanical Engineering at TTTI Department #METhikaTTI
Thika_TTI Human Resource Management at TTTI Department #HRMThikaTTI

Our Videos

What our students say

Thika TTI educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. However, the college not only helps me to excel in the academic field, but also teaches me a lot about different cultures and how to appreciate them. “World in one Place” is not only a slogan but lived reality. The multicultural environment that is unique to Thika TTI provides me with the opportunity to become friends with people from all different corners of the world

The experience at Thika TTI is the best in the country. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at Thika TTI, and not at any other private or public institution. The thing I admire the most about Thika TTI is the support I received from everyone at the institution. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment

Connect with us

Thika Town

P.O. BOX 91, Thika 01000 Kenya
Tel:  020-2044965

Mobile: 0743514539



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