Finance Department

Finance department is an integral part of Thika technical training institute as spelt out on the following roles:

i) Play a key role in the development of the Strategic plan in consultation with other stakeholders.
ii) Prepare the annual estimates of revenue and expenditure (budget) in consultation with the other stakeholders.
iii) Ensure that Economic resources are used in a manner that is efficient, effective, economical and transparent
iv) Ensure that all expenditures are lawful and authorized.
v) Ensure that the Institute maintains financial and accounting records that comply with the PFM Act, 2012.
vi) Ensure that all financial and accounting records are adequately protected and backed up
vii) Ensure proper use, custody and maintenance of the Institutes assets
viii) Prepare and submit statutory reports and financial statements as stipulated in the PFM Act and other relevant Circulars
ix) Taking a lead role in resolving matters raised by the Office of the Auditor General
x) Provide disclosure on any fraud, losses or non-compliance with the PFM Act

Department Staff

1. CPA Stephen Wairima – Head of Department (MBA.Finance, CPA Final, Certificate in Forensic Audit – Contract and Procurement Fraud),  2. CPA Paul Kimani – Deputy finance officer (, CPA Final)
2. Chrispas Macharia – Accountant (, CPA Final)
3. Jane Wamaitha – Accounts clerk (, CPA Final)
4. Charity Mugo – Accounts assistant (CPA Final)
5. Julius Momanyi – Accounts Assistant.

Future development plans

Already, IT development has automated many of the day-to-day tasks of the traditional finance department.
We believe the finance department will change dramatically in the near future, upgrading from a primarily ERP only to adopting a strategic position in finance management and we see Host to Host integration accelerating this trend.
Finance department will remain an agent of change in adapting to and complying with APSAS accrual reporting template as and when reviewed by PSASB.

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