Monitoring & Evaluation

Welcome to the Office of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Thika TTI. The activities of this office are coordinated by 2 officers: Dr. Naom Ondicho-Machoka and Mr. James Mwangi and supported by a committee comprising 9 Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) officers drawn from all admitting departments. Previously the department was known as the Quality Assurance and Standards Office (QUASO). It has since been renamed in line with emerging trends.

M& E is a key component of ensuring effective delivery of services. Through this office, the institute is able to track its performance by conducting audits in selected key areas, identify gaps and plug them so as to produce quality graduates in line with its vision and mission. These areas are:

  • Leadership, Management and Governance
  • Physical Resources/Facilities
  • Quality audit performance criteria of Human Resources
  • Student welfare services
  • Training Delivery
  • Trainee Support
  • Innovation and Cooperation

The M&E office nonetheless has a bias towards training delivery since this is the core mandate of the institute. To ensure improvement in the quality of academic standards, the holder of the office is expected to work closely with the deputy principal academics to among other duties ensure schemes of work are developed for all subjects in all departments and implemented through keeping weekly records, ethical standards of student evaluation are followed within the institute, adherence to professional ethics in all academic matters is upheld and lecture rooms for all groups are available for teaching.

The M&E is a challenging and demanding office and often requires that the holder works outside the normal working hours. However, with dedication the office has been able to achieve much in the recent past. In April 2022, the office organized a successful 3-day training for all IQA officers and process owners. In June, the Office conducted a baseline survey in all the key audit areas. Currently, the Office is in the process of finalizing on the IQA policy that will further help in streamlining quality assurance activities within the institute. Further, the M&E Office is leading a team of 15 persons in conducting a sample tracer study targeting Electrical and Electronics graduates 2018-2021 cohort. The overall aim is to institutionalize tracer studies within TTTI’s programs. The purpose of the tracer studies is to track our graduates and their acceptance into the job market for which they have been trained.  Finally, the M&E Office in collaboration with the office of the DP/Academics is working on an award system geared at staff motivation.

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