Thika TTi Chaplaincy

The Chaplain Thika Technical Training Institute provides pastoral care to the Institute Community, nurtures the faith of the Students and staff and supports students in making significant spiritual decisions. He also develops and promotes preventive and proactive student welfare programs, assist with the development of Christian service and mission opportunities plus coordinate and lead creative and dynamic Institute worship services/ assemblies. The current Chaplain is Bishop Edward M. Mwangemi.

Christian Union Group

Thika Technical Training Institute Christian union is one of the societies in the institute. Over the last decades it has immensely continued to grow rapidly as the student in the institution has found it their homes.

Through the society, the outreach ministry through missions and evangelism both inside the institution and outside; lives of many young persons has taken the right channel as far as spiritual matters are concerned. Our great gratitude is to our God for an institute that He is their God. According to the Book of Psalms 33:12 (NKJV) “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His inheritance.”


  • Monday– 5pm-6pm. Missioners meeting. (Venue is always communicated)
  • Tuesday– 5pm-6pm. Prayers for the whole church at cathedral ground.
  • Wednesday– 5pm-6pm. Daughters and of Christ meeting at different communicated venues. Choir 6pm-8:30pm.
  • Thursday– 5pm-6pm. Prayers for the whole church at cathedral ground. Then, 6pm-7:30pm hospital mission at Thika Level 5 Hospital.


  • Friday – 5:30pm-7:30pm. Revival services. Venue is always communicated. Also, Keshas on some planned Fridays.
  • Saturday – 1pm-3:30pm praise and worship practice. Also, 4pm-6pm. Bible study. Venue is always communicated.
  • Sunday – 8am-1pm. Our Sunday services. Held at the multipurpose tent.

Seventh Day Adventist Group


Call all people to become disciples of Jesus, to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel embraced bt the three Angels’ messages(Revelation 14:6-12), and prepare the world for christ’s soon return. 


Monday: Executive Meeting
Tuesday: Choir Practice
Wednesday: Bible Practice
Thursday: Choir Practice
Friday: Sabbath Preparations
Saturday: Sabbath
Sunday: Community Service

Young Catholic Student's Society

YCS stands for Young Catholic Students’ society. The society’s objectives are mainly to promote Christian faith based on Catholic Church tradition, the Holy Bible and religious guidance of duly ordained clergy of the Church. Thika TTI YCS is under the purview of Father-In-Charge of St.Patrick’s Catholic Church of Thika Deanery in larger Archdiocese of Nairobi. The priest in the parish offer chaplaincy services to the YCS and general Catholic community in the institution.

YCS leadership falls under the Office of Dean of Students. There is a patron appointed by the Principal to coordinate the activities of YCS and also serve as a link between administrations of the institution through the Dean of Students.

YCS arrange for a variety of Catholic faith-based activities that include:

  • Daily prayers within the institution.
  • Holy mass in the institution once every month during the term.
  • Small Christian Community meetings.
  • Participation in interdenominational prayers in the institution.
  • The Way of the Cross.
  • Recollection at Spiritual Centers.
  • Night Vigils at selected religious Shrines.
  • Organizing Prayer Camps at identified destination.
  • Charity work.
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Choir practice

Young Muslim Community (YMS)

Welcome to the Office of the patron Thika TTI Young Muslim students. The Muslim patronage Office caters for Students. This society serves the Institution community with the hopes that it will help Muslims and non-Muslims better understand each other, as well as make easily accessible to Muslim students the resources necessary to grow and succeed in this institution. The following critical services are offered:

  • Spiritual services including prayers and worship we have five daily prayers at the (Muslim Prayer Room). Friday Khutbah is also available. Everyone is welcomed to interact and share with the Muslims in discussions concerning Islamic practices and rituals with a view to enhancing an understanding of Islam by all. All members are also encouraged to take full advantage of the spiritual and religious benefits of the Mosque and office of the patron.
  • Islamic Da’awah Activities and Outreachboth within and outside the campus are encouraged and are being promoted.
  • Students are encouraged to carry out responsible and meaningful da’awah activities with the aim of promoting interreligious understanding, tolerance and harmonious co-existence in and out of the institution
  • Islamic Da’awah activities are coordinated both by Association officials in liaison with the visiting sheihks. Some of the outreach and missions take place during holidays and weekends. All are encouraged to participate.
  • Muslim Students Association There is an active & robust Muslim Students Association at the Institution that helps in the guidance of the affairs of the Muslim students at the Institution

Our primary motive is to promote the human values that Islam emphasizes: community, equality, justice, mercy, compassion and peace.

“Hold firmly to the covenant of Allah all together and do not be disunited’ (‘surah al Imran)

Mission Statement:

The primary goals of the YMS are to increase awareness of Islamic culture at TTTI and to provide an Islamic environment for Muslim students. Towards this end YMS shall strive:

1. To present Islamic heritage and provide a forum for discussion among TTTI students in order to promote understanding.

2. To foster unity among the YMS and other TTTI student societies, departments, and administration and encourage cooperation and coordination of events.
3. To promote the human values that Islam emphasizes: community, equality, justice, mercy, compassion, and peace.

Patron Name: Patrick Maina Irungu

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