Public Relations Department

The department is in charge of managing and improving the image and reputation of our institution. The major roles of the PR Department is managing the public perception of the institution and creating a favorable image  .The department have a duty of creating good relationship between the institution and the community around. This mainly aims at maintaining harmony and peace with the neighborhood thereby promoting understanding and favorable relation with the public at large. We are charged with the responsibility of creating a sense of cohesion among the members of staff and Trainee’s and   providing positive information regarding our institution’s ability to provide challenging and meaningful tasks.

As a Department, we are in the process of creating cells through which we shall keep in constant contact with our trainees who have graduated and are doing marvelous jobs in the industry. This is aimed at assisting the current trainees get industrial placements to the upcoming batches through their contacts. Also alumni play crucial role as they have their own interests in their Alma matters. As a department, we endeavor to also assist our trainees and work closely with their parents, guardians and various groups with an aim of improving the progress of our institution.

Just like any other organization, education institutions also have challenges which they need to handle amicably to avoid negative publicity. This is done by the public relations department through crisis management hence maintaining good image of the institution.

Higher education institutions are becoming increasingly aggressive in their marketing activities to convey an image that is favorable in all aspects beneficial to the public, prospective students, employers, funders among others. It is therefore the responsibility of the public relations department in liaison with the marketing department to advertise positively and make the institution known worldwide.

Public relations department plays a crucial role in maintaining positive image of the institution. The department does this through: press conferences regarding any new developments in the institution, press release concerning the activities, branding of the institution, maintaining contacts with the people who benefits the institution in any way, for example: the media people, government Agencies, industry and the alumni.

There is need for all educational institutions  to create a public relations department as it will help in smoothening progress of the institution, maintain good relations, advertising the institution as well as managing reputations.

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