Student Welfare

This office is in charge of overseeing student life, student services and on-campus activities. Their duties include providing support for students, addressing student behavior.

The office also serves as a liaison between students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators to assist with individual or group crisis, navigate Institute’s procedures, and serve as an advocate for students when needed.

The office meets its mandate through various offices

Ø  Student Council

Ø  Chaplaincy office

Ø  Clubs and societies office

Ø  Games and sports office

Ø  Guidance and counselling office

The office also coordinates various community outreach programs by students.


The Students hold Elections at the departmental level where they elect 3 Students per department. There are a total of 28 departmental representatives. The Executive SGC comprises of 9 members. The Student Leaders hold meetings with their fellow Students where a feedback on service delivery is given.


The Dean’s Office has seen large improvement in the recruitment and activity of students in clubs and societies over the past three (3) years. The Institute has a total of six clubs and societies while others have been proposed. The Dean’s Office has allowed local and International organization to interact, train and nurture students from the Institute.


The Guidance and Counseling programs are vital in providing psycho- social support to the students as they pursue their academic goals, as well as to the staff. Each academic department is served by departmental counselor who provide all the necessary information and support to the students and staff who may experience any challenges. Counseling services are available during all working hours, and the students are encouraged to consult the departmental counselors when in need.


The Chaplain Thika Technical Training Institute provides pastoral care to the Institute Community, nurtures the faith of the Students and staff and supports students in making significant spiritual decisions. He also develops and promotes preventive and proactive student welfare programs, assist with the development of Christian service and mission opportunities plus coordinate and lead creative and dynamic Institute worship services/ assemblies.


The Games Department carries out its activities under the Dean of Students Office. It performs the role of co-coordinating and supervising all sporting Activities within the Institute. The Institute being a Technical Institution carries on Sports activities under KETTISO (Kenya Technical Training Institutes Sports Organization) – under KATTI (Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions).


The Institute is well aware of the need to secure the members of the Institute while they are on campus, as well as Institute property. The Safety and Security department is responsible for ensuring security on campus, managing entrances and exits of the campus and all buildings. Such auxiliary services such as parking and emergency protocols also fall under the department.


Thika technical is not a residential campus and does not run or own hostels. However, to guide our students in choosing accommodation, we periodically inspect hostels around and provide a recommended list of hostels. The recommendation is based on the alignment of culture and setting with our values; safety especially for female students, facility standards, cost, and accessibility to campus.

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