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Clubs and Societies

Spiritual growth is an integral part of human development. Here in Thika TTI, we ensure that freedom of worship and association is upheld. This is in a bid to have an all-round student. We have four religious societies in the institute which serves all the students currently.

The societies includes Young Catholic Students (YCS), Christian Union (CU), Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) and Young Muslim Students (YMS). The institute provides with rooms for these societies and also provide any other assistance that they require these include the institute bus in case any society may want to travel for a function outside the institute

Other than the religious societies, the institute has many other clubs that have been formed by the students and contribute to the overall development of the students as well as making the student life in the institute lively and creative. These clubs include Scouts, Wild life among other. These clubs are free to hold events in and outside the institute with the office of the dean of student facilitating their requirements.


Tel: 067-21931






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