Dean of Students Office

The Office of the Dean of Students is charged with Students Welfare.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the office include but not limited to:

  1. Promoting the Welfare of Learners (through Management of Health, Accommodation, Catering and Transport facilities.
  2. Co-ordinating Co-curricular activities like Sports, Drama and Music and Clubs and Societies to ensure full participation by all learners.
  3. It ensures Discipline is maintained in liaison with relevant Authorities in the Institution.
  4. It promotes dialogue between Trainees, Students Council, Trainers and the Administration.
  5. The office provides Leadership to the Students Council to understand their Mandate, practice consultation and dialogue with Administration and the co-ordination and organization of Elections of Students Council.
  6. Advisors on appropriate required materials and facilities required by Trainers.
  7. Resolves Students disputes.
  8. The office co-ordinates Disability Mainstreaming.
  9. Any other duties assigned by the Principal.

The office is Central to the Life of Students. It is where they seek refuge if they feel frustrated or dissatisfied with Services or inconvenienced in any way.

The office is also charged with ensuring that the Students can be identified by issuing Institution Identification Cards in collaboration with Systems Administrator.

It has also close working relationship with Chaplaincy, Guidance and Counseling, Career Guidance and Health Departments on Student Welfare issues.

The office is run by the Dean, two Deputy Deans and two office assistants in close relationship with Guidance and Counseling, Career Services, Games and Sports office and Chaplaincy.

These act as the bridge between Students and Administration.

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