Thika TTI-EOMS and Strategic Launch 2023

Launch of the EOMS Document and Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Official Launch of the EOMS Document and the Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The official Launch of the EOMS document and the Strategic Plan 2022-2027 was officially done by the County Director of Education of TVETs Mr. Nyota on 27th May 2023. The event was graced by a warm welcoming by the Insitute Board Chair Dr. Joseph Muguthu, the Principal Ms. Hannah Mburu together with other Board Members as well as the Management and staffs and student of Thika TTI.


With its commitment to become a center of excellence, Thika Technical Training Institute through the provision of relevant training in accredited programmes guided by the TVET Act no. 29 of 2013, ministerial guidelines and aligned to national and global labour market demands to meet the needs and expectations of its interested parties.

Top management is committed to the ongoing development and maintenance of its internal systems and processes to support its curricula while promoting research, innovation and safeguarding of intellectual property through incubation, commercialization of innovations and implementation of outreach programmes that impart skills and utilize applied knowledge to spur economic growth and solve problems in society.

In pursuit of this commitment, the Institute has implemented an educational Organization Management System based on ISO 21001:2018 and shall continually improve on its effectiveness through regular review of established objectives, processes and this policy to take into account relevant educational, scientific and technological developments in line with the market demands.

Strategic Plan


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